Front-End Web Stuff

Jan 06

Profiling CSS for fun and profit. Optimization notes. -

This guy used Opera’s experimental “style profiler” to optimize a one-page. This tool shows the parsing time of CSS selector matching, document reflow and repaint.

Read the Notes section to get to the real meat of this article.

Dec 15

Responsive Data Tables -

I AM IN LOVE. This is the coolest tricks I have seen in a long time. This technique shows how to apply media-queries to tables so your data displays nicely.

Dec 02

Simple Styles for <hr>'s -

A bunch of examples for styling <hr>’s. Uses a lot of pseudo code (::before and ::after) and css3 gradients.

Dec 01

HTML Ipsum -

Ipsum text already wrapped in HTML elements.

Nov 29

Icon Font -

An example site showing the coolness of icon fonts.

Nov 28

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator -

This is pretty useful since making a gradient cross-browser can be time consuming. This will give you a fall-back color, the code for the various vendor prefixes and the filter code for IE6-9.

Oct 14

Wrapping Long URLs and Text Content with CSS -

I refer to this all the time when I need to wrap text that is too long for its parent container.

Styling HTML Lists with CSS: Techniques and Resources -

This really helped me when I was first trying to figure out how to style HTML lists. It is a couple years old but still a good resource

Current HTML5 Working Spec

Mo’ robust paragraph indenting -

Some examples on formatting paragraphs.